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Attendance Behavior of Ex-members in Fitness Clubs: A Retrospective Study Applying the Stages of Change

By: Jan Middelkamp Editor

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The transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM) is often used to understand and predict health-related behavior. The objective of this study is to apply the TTM’s stages of change to examine patterns of attendance behavior at fitness clubs. A retrospective study was performed to study the later stages of change, using attendance data of members who cancelled their membership in 2012 in two European fitness chains, including 259,355 ex-members of 267 clubs. A sample of 400 was selected at random for analyses, M age¼32.1yr. (SD¼10.9; 64% males) and 34.7yr. (SD¼11.0; 51% males) for BasicFit and HealthCity.