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Covid19 Tools & Information

By: EuropeActive

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The Corona Virus (Covid-19): How it impacts fitness operators, short term and some thoughts to restart stronger!

The Corona virus pandemic is now creating unprecedented issues for the global fitness industry. However, we are sure that we can all together as an industry overcome
such difficult situation. Behind any difficulty lies an opportunity: the club operators can use the present time to adopt different strategies and think how to serve their
customers in new ways introducing, for example, more digital training solutions.

In Europe, we are later in the curve than China/Asia Pacific. The purpose of this paper is to highlight what can we have learned from their experiences so far.

Available in English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French.

Also includes documents for re-opening and digitial solutions/online learning.


  • Amount of pages: 10
  • Type: Publications
  • Gerelateerde publicaties: European Health & Fitness Market Report (EHFMR) 2020 - E-BOOK
  • Language: Dutch, English, Spanish, French
  • Categories: Economic
  • Binding: E-book