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Customer engagement in boutique studios

By: Emma Barry

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EuropeActive Retention Report
Starting in 2013, EuropeActive is publishing an annual report on the most important topic in the fitness sector since decades, in short ‘’retention’’. Five reports have been published, focusing on topics such as: understanding member retention, retention strategies in personal training, adherence in group fitness, and retention in nutritional programmes. This sixth report discusses retention in boutique studios.
Now, authored by industry expert Emma Barry, a publication on customer engagement in boutiques studios is finalised. This relatively new subsector in the fitness industry is growing rapidly, and little is yet know on customer engagement and element of customer retention. This publication should be perceived as an important step to build the body of knowledge within this topic. It extensively collects the professional knowledge of many industry experts on boutique studios.

Emma Barry about boutique studios

BlackBoxPublishers interviewed Emma Barry on this topic. Emma, what can readers expect?
In this book, I discuss the arise of this new segment. Over the past 5 - 10 years the fitness industry in America has changed. Low budget clubs have entered the industry, here members pay only 20 US dollars a month, or less. In contrast, a new sub-sector in the fitness sector has been added: boutique studios (2006 - the opening of SoulCycle, the leader in boutique studios). In boutique studios a fee of 20 US Dollar or more per lesson is normal. Boutique clubs have a different business model. Where in traditional clubs offer long-term memberships, boutique studios offer packages and pay as you train models. Members of boutique studios value flexibility and service. They are therefore willing to pay a much higher amount.
Boutique studios specialize in their offerings and so do their teachers, they provide excellent service, build a community and grab you by the heart and can truly call themselves a specialist. They are small clubs that focus mainly on women and millennials. Group Fitness experts Les Mills have announced research confirming Millennials and Gen Z nowmake up 60% of membership (2018: The GX Future is Now) and therefore insist that their preferences be factored into future designs.

Must read

Emma, why is this book a must-read for all fitness entrepreneurs and managers?
This book is a must-read for all professionals in this industry, whether you are a club manager or owner, thinking of opening a boutique studio or if you work in the industry, it is 'breaking news'. The fitness industry is developing at a rapid pace and this book will help you to understand what is happening next. 'Be excited rather than fearful'! Read this book, see what your competition is doing (in this book I present countless examples from America and London) and learn your lessons. Traditional clubs will feel the pressure in terms of price, the offering, your talents (employees) and service. Boutique studios are excellent in this.

From EuropeActive and BlackBoxPublishers, many congratulations to Emma for writing this fantastic and important Retention Report 2018.

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