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Doing social good

By: Ray Algar

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This article summarises Ray Algar's new report titled: The Fitness Sector Social Good Report (2014. 

The full report explores the idea that a business with a purpose beyond maximising its own self-interests can ensure long-term relevance with their stakeholders, thereby creating a more valued and sustainable organisation. 

This report is written with the private fitness industry in mind because the pursuit of profit is very often a key measure of how they ‘keep score’. The public and ‘third sectors’ by contrast measure themselves by the social impact they are creating in their communities, while conscious of ensuring financial sustainability. However, all organisations in the fitness sector, however they may be legally constituted, have a fundamental obligation to inspire people to live more active and healthier lives and to pursue this purpose in a responsible, authentic and compassionate way.

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  • Language: English
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