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EuropeActive & Deloitte - European Health and Fitness Market report 2016

By: EuropeActive

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In this 2016 and third edition, the EuropeActive & Deloitte European Health and Fitness Market report presents the most comprehensive analysis of the European health and fitness industry. The report contains the most current information on the main European markets, the major club operators in Europe and their recent merger and acquisition activities, as well as a snapshot of the leading equipment manufacturers worldwide. In order to provide industry shareholders with even better information on the European health and fitness market, the number of operators and markets analysed in this study have been increased compared to the previous year. Some highlights of this 2016 report: 

- Fitness strengthens its position as the #1 European sports activity: over 52 million members in Europe in 2015.

- European health and fitness club memberships grew by 3.9% to 52.4 million in 2015 versus 2014.

- Total fitness club revenues increased by 4.9% to €26.7 billion in 2015 versus 2014.

- The top 30 European fitness operators account for approximately 11 million members, representing 20.9% of all memberships.

- The top 10 operators increased revenues by 4.2% to €2.8 billion, representing 10.3% of the total European market.

- Merger and acquisition activity remained high in 2015 with 19 transactions, including the first European fitness IPO in 13 years.

In addition, the report presents Germany maintaining its position as the country with the highest membership with 9.5 million health and fitness club members in 2015, followed by the United Kingdom (8.8 million), France (5.2 million), Italy (5.1 million) and Spain (4.9 million). In terms of market penetration, Norway ranks highest with 19.4% of the population holding a health or fitness club membership. Other countries with high fitness club penetration include Sweden (16.7%), the Netherlands (16.4%) and Denmark (15.0%).

In terms of revenues, the European health and fitness market reached €26.7 billion in 2015, which ranks it as the world’s largest market, ahead of the USA (€23.5 billion in revenues). The top 10 operators in terms of revenues account for 10.3% of the total market with revenues of 2.8 billion euro. The number of mergers and acquisitions remained at last year’s high level with 19 transactions, including the first European fitness IPO in 13 years.

Besides key figures and detailed profiles of the leading European fitness club operators, the European Health & Fitness Market Report includes profiles of the 18 largest national markets and analyses of merger and acquisition activities, EU policy implications and the global equipment market, as well as interviews with selected market experts and leaders.


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