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Fit and Fun playing cards

By: Kelby Jongen

Price: € 14.96 / € 11.22 (Members price)

With these playing cards, working out can be fun and effective. For an effective workout it is important to offer variety, this stack of cards will offer both.

This tool is created by and for fitness professionals. Sometimes we lack inspiration and could use the help of a fitness tool. Also, we received feedback from fitness professionals that they were looking for a tool to get customers more active, at home.

This stack of cards contains 53 different training cards. Every card contains a functional workout, mostly bodyweight exercises.

Use the stack of cards for:

  • Small group training

  • Bootcamp workouts

  • Individual workouts

  • At home, on the road or when on holiday

  • Finish a PT session with a workout from a card

AND present this as a gift for your Personal Training customers. A perfect gift for the holiday season.

  • Amount of pages: 53
  • Delivery: 5 working days
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  • Language: English