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Fitness Sector Social Good Report

By: Ray Algar

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This report is written with the private fitness sector in mind because the pursuit of profit is very often a key measure of how they ‘keep score’ or measure themselves. The public and ‘third sectors’ by contrast measure themselves by the social impact they are creating in their communities, while conscious of ensuring financial sustainability. However, all organisations in the fitness sector, however they may be
legally constituted, have a fundamental obligation to inspire people to live more active and healthier lives and to pursue this purpose in a responsible, authentic and compassionate way.

Why this report has been written now? The global health and fitness industry is relatively young, with the first UK private sector brands only emerging in the early 1980s. It was built by young entrepreneurs who combined their passion for fitness and business. They believed in the transformational effect of physical activity and wanted to spread this message to others. Since this time, some of these sports entrepreneurs, and the world, have moved on. New business owners have entered the sector and bring with them different beliefs and motivations. For some this is
now the pursuit of financial success, achieved through the ‘vehicle’ of a health and fitness business. Financial success is a good and necessary objective, but it cannot be the sole reason for the existence of the business.

Through this report I wish to explore the implications, rewards and impact of a business adopting a broader definition of its role in society rather than merely pursuing its own narrow self-interests. Also, it seems timely to write this report now as the world recovers from the most significant financial crisis since the 1930s. This is leading to a re-examination of the purpose of business, especially around the definition of its responsibilities and stakeholders.

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