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Group Fitness in Europe

By: Jan Middelkamp & Peter Wolfhagen

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In 2012, EuropeActive started to systematically conduct research on multiple topics in the health and fitness sector. The first publication in this series was the book titled 'The state of research in the global fitness industry'. This publication was based on a systematic search and review, summarising 5,348 studies in total.
In 2018, the most comprehensive study on personal training in Europe was published by EuropeActive and Edelhelfer (Gronau and Titze, 2018). This study provided an extended profile of personal trainers in Europe, based on almost 3,000 respondents. Personal Training in Europe
In the fitness sector, whilst group fitness is an important activity that is offered by many operators and used by millions of members, there remains a lack of knowledge on this subsector. The present study is one of the first to conduct research on this topic. Thisook is a must-read for all who are involved in group fitness (management).
Table of content
1. Group fitness in the literature
2. Group Fitness instructor survey
3. Group fitness at European fitness chains
4. Group fitness providers in Europe
Group Fitness instructor survey
The most important research question used was: “What is the profile of group fitness instructors in Europe with regard to personal and work-related characteristics? The survey was distributed to English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian instructors by EuropeActive. All of the instructors in the EREPS database were invited to complete the survey in their own language.

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