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Investing in the European fitness market: Which criteria shape the investment decisions of private equity firms?

By: Fabian Menzel

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This (e-book) publication is the dissertation of Fabian Menzel on investing in the European fitness market and the criteria that shape the decisions of private equity firms. The thesis was submitted to The University of Liverpool where the author received the degree of Master in Corporate Finance. The findings of the study identified the key investment-criteria of PE firms when reviewing investments in the European fitness market, which enables other PE firms a more efficient investment process. Focusing on management capabilities and the validation of the gym business model are most important, as these criteria ultimately drive the operating and financial performance of fitness companies. It is recommended to involve market experts at an early stage of the investment process to validate the investment hypotheses for the value growth story. In most cases, operating improvement in the form of a dedicated expansion strategy was the key driver for growth objectives.

  • Type: Research
  • Language: English
  • Categories: Economic
  • Binding: E-book