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Operational Excellence and Transformative Leadership

By: Jan Middelkamp & Herman Rutgers (Editors)

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Operational Excellence and Transformative Leadership 

In the fitness and physical activity sector

Jan Middelkamp
Herman Rutgers

The landscape and ecosystem of the fitness and physical activity sector has changed dramatically in recent years and the COVID-19 crisis, with the resulting lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, has forced all companies to rethink their business model and modus operandi. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic more attention in society has been given to prevention and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This has given fitness and physical activity a positive boost and our sector has been accepted by governments and the medical community as being part of the solution. This book will give you some practical tips on how to manage during and post crisis, and how the new era of growth can best be approached. There are 11 chapters written by 17 contributing international authors divided over 5 key topics. Four of these are based on EuropeActive’s manifesto of Health, Digital, Community and Standards, plus an additional section on  Operational Management which covers leadership, financial management, quality management, diversity and a case study.

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