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Overview of current macro-economic, sociodemographic & health economic developments in the European Union

By: Christoph Breuer

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In the aftermath of the Euro area crisis economies in the European Union are still
recovering. Due to the high uncertainty about the financial future, consumers are
insecure and are holding back on domestic consumption. This effect worsens the
situation of many industries, which depend on consumer spending, and the fitness
industry is no exception to this. On top of the recent economic challenges, changes
in the demographic structure of European society will confront fitness operators and
the industry as a whole with new challenges in the future. Furthermore, society is
facing several health problems caused by these demographic changes and the ongoing sedentary lifestyle of a majority of citizens. Overweight and obesity levels are increasing, causing severe health effects, and in order to cope with these challenges physical activity can be a powerful instrument.

The aim of this chapter is to provide an overview of current macro-economic, sociodemographic and health economic developments in the European Union (EU) in general and specifically in Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Projections of future developments into the mid-term future will be provided where possible. With regard to health economics, especially the economic burden and diseases linked to physical inactivity will be presented, and in a concluding section, the possible effects of the aforementioned developments on the health and fitness sector will be brought forth.

Read more in this Ebook chapter, published in 2014 in the book The future of health and fitness.

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