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Podcast #01 - Upskilling the workforce during/post C19

By: EuropeActive

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Podcast #01 After a series of very successful webinars the EuropeActive team has implemented a new way of sharing information and inspiration: a podcast. Titled the Active Podcast, there will be new episodes once approximately every two weeks. The subline of the podcast series is “we pose difficult questions and get experts to answer them”. Every episode is available in audio and video (vlogcast) format and is accessible to members only.

Episode 01 - Upskilling the workforce during/post C19

Andreas Paulsen (Executive Director, EuropeActive) meets with journalist Liz Terry (Health Club Management) and Julian Berriman (Director of the Professional Standards Committee) to discuss the adjusting of professional fitness standards due to the current needs and demands. EuropeActive's Educational Services department is currently reviewing the Sector Qualifications Framework (SQF) in consideration to the Covid-19 pandemic. How can we assure a constant upskilling of our sector’s workforce and leaders?

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