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Podcast #02 - The “Apple Attack”

By: EuropeActive

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Podcast #02 After a series of very successful webinars the EuropeActive team has implemented a new way of sharing information and inspiration: a podcast. Titled the Active Podcast, there will be new episodes once approximately every two weeks. The subline of the podcast series is “we pose difficult questions and get experts to answer them”. Every episode is available in audio and video (vlogcast) format and is accessible to members only.

Episode 02 - The “Apple Attack”

One of the four 4 pillars of EuropeActive's strategy is “digital”. In this podcast episode host David Stalker (President, EuropeActive) and guest Peter Croft (Chief Strategy Officer, Perfect Gym) discuss the recent newcomers in the digital fitness field: Apple Fitness+, Sky/Fiit and Amazon amongst others. What will be the effect of these outsiders? How will it affect the current “traditional” industry? How should we respond to this change? Listen or watch our podcast with David and Peter to find out.

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  • Gerelateerde publicaties: Covid19 Tools & Information, Europe COVID-19 Impact Study, European Health & Fitness Market Report (EHFMR) 2020 - E-BOOK
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