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The global fitness sector

By: Jan Middelkamp, Herman Rutgers, Peter Wolfhagen

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The global fitness industry was once a black box; there was a limited amount of specific information available on the sector itself, that was based on scientific research. Of course there were many opinions and expressions, often commercially charged. But objective research was scarce. The first publication that collected a substantial number of studies on fitness and the fitness sector was published in 2012; The state of research in the global fitness industry. In this book, 5348 publications were included, of which 400 studies were reviewed in the book in detail. The book was published in English, German, and Dutch. Now, 10 years later, it is time to check and review the state of research in the global fitness sector again with this new and unique EuropeActive publication. This full color book is a massive reference work that has been created through 30 years of research. The global fitness sector contains 150.000 words, over 300 figures and images, more than 500 references, and weights 3kg.



  • Amount of pages: 624
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  • Gerelateerde publicaties: The state of research in the global fitness industry - English Edition
  • Language: English
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  • Binding: Hardcover